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From logos to experiences

Abstractions are increasingly less relevant and, though this may be a shock, there is no greater an abstraction than a logo. There are many ways to define “brand experience,” but we view it simply: It happens whenever and wherever a brand delivers its unique value.

It is easy to limit our understanding of this value to just the offer itself, when in fact that value can be delivered in a customer service call or the packaging or even the billing statement. The mistake is viewing the brand experience—logos, color palettes, and more— as an extension of consistency.

Great brand experiences are built through a series of actions that deliver on a brand promise. That is the focus of the agile brand experience: delivering on a brand promise across platforms, geographies, and audiences.

An agile brand is one that must continually improve, and this suggests a different footing for brand managers. Rather than being brand cops, brand managers lead change. They look for new opportunities to evolve the brand and create value. They are helping push the organisation or offer rather than letting it be pulled.