Str. Constantin Brâncuși 106,
400462 Cluj-Napoca,
jud. Cluj, Romania
E: office@ghepardcommunication.com
T: +40 754 805 160

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About Us

Image Story by Speed of Mind

Our story begins here, with you, and for you! We strongly believe in everything that means success and fulfillment through Communication!

Our Studio of Ideas and Images is the story of an irresistible challenge that we have decided to assume continuously from the desire to grow daily, discovering and highlighting the people next to us and their projects.

Like the Cheetah ( “Ghepard” in Romanian) – the fastest animal on Earth – with all its Agility, Originality and Inner Force, we aim to transform at the speed of thought wonderful dreams into reality, indispensable Ingredients for the essence of a story to conquer any soul.

No matter who you are or what you’d like to do, let us find your best brand attributes for your story and its legend.

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